Membership Eligibility

RCEFCU's field of membership consists of any direct-hire individual employed by or retired from any of the following organizations:

  • City of Reno
  • Airport Authority of Washoe County
  • Reno Housing Authority
  • Reno City Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Washoe County Regional Animal Services
  • Bricks Restaurant

To Become a Member

To join RCEFCU, simply complete a Membership Application and return it with a minimum deposit of $5.00 to complete the purchase of one credit union share. These funds will be deposited to your Prime Share account (savings), to which you can make subsequent "share purchases" in any amount by cash, check or payroll deduction. A $5.00 minimum Prime Share account balance must be maintained at all times to retain membership at Reno City Employees FCU.

All money on deposit in your RCEFCU accounts earns dividends from the date it is deposited until the date it is withdrawn. Dividends are compounded daily and credited on a quarterly basis.

Under RCEFCU's "once a member, always a member" policy, you and your family may retain membership in the credit union even if you leave any of the organizations within our field of membership as long as the minimum Prime Share account balance of $5.00 is maintained.

Control and Management

A credit union is a member-owned and member-controlled financial institution. Each member has an equal vote and the opportunity to serve as an official. Our 9-member Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership at the annual meeting, is responsible for establishing and revising policy, setting dividend and interest rates, and overseeing operations. 

The Board is also responsible for appointing the Supervisory Committee, which not only assures the credit union's adherence to governmental regulations and Board policies but also acts as ombudsman for member concerns. The Supervisory Committee audits the credit union's records and works closely with RCEFCU's Certified Public Accountants to conduct an annual audit of the credit union.

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