Debit Card Fraud Protection

Falcon Fraud Management

Debit card fraud is a growing problem all across the nation and the world.  In order to reduce fraud RCEFCU has implemented a fraud management system that will result in early detection of suspected fraud..

  • The Falcon Fraud Management system calculates and assigns a score (the higher the score. the higher the risk) to incoming transactions using neural network technology and cardholder profiles.  This approach increases the number of fraudulent transactions detected, while decreasing the false positive rate and identifying potential fraud earlier.
  • The Falcon Fraud Manager provides complete integration including detection using scientifically proven models. 
  • The Falcon Manager is the leading fraud detection application available in the market today.

How the system works

Each authorized transaction is assessed for potential fraud risk.  After the transaction is authorized, the transaction information is forwarded to the Falcon Fraud Manager scoring and case management application.  Using the neural network model and profiling technology, the system calculates a score indicating the likelihood that the transaction was fraudulent.  Based upon the score and other possible transaction elements, the appropriate rule is invoked that creates a case.  If a case is created, the transaction and subsequent transactions are forward to the case management system for review by a fraud analyst.

If fraud is suspected, a fraud analyst will call the member at all numbers included on the signature card.  Therefore, it is very important to update your signature card any time you change one of your contact phone numbers.  If the fraud analyst can’t get a hold of a member and more suspected fraud transactions occur the card will be blocked until the member contacts the Falcon Fraud Manager Call Center. 

  • The call center phone number is 888-241-2440 ~ Option 1
  • Falcon Fraud Manager includes 24-hour a day, seven days a week, call center support for card usage verification, case management, and account blocking services.

Foreign Travel

If you are traveling abroad there are many countries that have serious fraud problems.  You will want to call the call center if you experience any problems with your debit card in a foreign country. 

  • The Credit Union will not be able to unblock a card
  • The call center will verify your identity and unblock your card if the transactions are legitimately yours.

RCEFCU strives to provide the best service we possibly can. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.

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